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Robotic Process Automation is driving the next wave of cost rationalization and process efficiency. It is revolutionizing business processes and has been embraced by some of the leading organizations.

The RPA report is one of the most comprehensive research report on this topic.

It also covers 42 case studies on RPA engagements in our detail format.

This report contains the following:

1. What is RPA?
2. Current State and market landscape of RPA
3. Drivers for RPA for vendors and end users
4. Benchmarking of leading 12 service providers like IBM, Cognizant, Dell, HP, Infosys
5. Buy side and sell side perspectives
6. Future trends on RPA
7. Target operating model
8. Different RPA tools and their comparison

The interactive and digital version of this report is regularly updated with recent data and trends. It allows users to ask questions and leave comments. It also provide functionality to have 1 to 1 session with our experienced consultants.

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