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With increasing cost pressures, IT/BPO service providers are focusing on non-linear revenue growth models by making considerable investments in automation. This may pose a threat to service providers focused on traditional models of IT/BPO service provisioning. However, large providers with significant scale have already started focusing on re-skilling their existing workforce on emerging technologies (Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). They are also automating rule-based non-judgmental processes across their back office operations more efficiently and cost effectively.  

Our Automation Advisory practice provides critical insights and approach methodologies for both enterprise buyers and service providers in the Business Process and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) space. Whether it is a case of reducing operational costs, enhancing productivity and operational efficiencies or enhancing service delivery capabilities, we help clients establish a well-structured automation assessment and implementation roadmap, thereby helping them make strategic IT / BPO procurement decisions more effectively.

Our expert team of consultants will help you determine which back-office processes and functions have a higher propensity towards automation. In close partnership with service providers and automation software vendors, we will also conduct current state process automation assessment reviews and identify desired future state levels through business process and robotic automation. Being vendor agnostic, we assist our clients in choosing the best RPA technology and project implementation structures that best suit their budgets and operational requirements at any given point of time.

Our key focus areas include:

  • Repository of 400 + RPA Use Cases (beta version)  Click here
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Roadmap Formulation Read more
  • Automation Readiness Assessments & Reviews Read more
  • Service Provider RPA Capabilities Assessments Read more
  • RPA Tool Assessment & Selection Read more
  • Identification & Selection of RPA Candidates (processes/functions) Read more

We also conduct detailed analysis of IT/BPO service providers’ current and potential capabilities in the RPA space. This provides our clients with an accurate, up to date view on actual service provider capabilities. These capability reviews may focus on assessing service providers in the following areas:

  • RPA implementation experience and expertise
  • live client site implementation experience of third party automation software tools (e.g. Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere)
  • depth and reach of automation practices
  • internal automation deployments and its impact (e.g. FTE reductions and increasing productivity and accuracy levels)

Contact us today to learn more about how Mindfields can help you achieve your objectives.

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